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Do Not Judge a Book by its Movie

May the odds be ever on your favor.

“May the odds be ever in your favor.”

     Both books and movies are medium of entertainment that have been around for so many times now. It is true that countless generations have entertained by the two. But with so many books adapted into a movie, can we say that its worth it? Is the movies give just enough justice for a book? A very good example for this argument is the novel entitled “The Hunger Games”. Have you ever watched this movie? Have you ever read this book? If yes, have you noticed the differences between the two?

      “The Hunger Games” is a trilogy of a young dystopian novels written by American novelist Suzanne Collins. The series is set at the hunger games universe, and follows young characters named Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark. The Hunger Games trilogy is the New York Bestseller and topped all US Bestseller lists upon its release.

      By the time of the film adaptation, the hunger games movie was released in 2012, and the publisher had reported over 26 million books in print, including movie tie – in books.

      The Hunger Games has a very interesting story. The book contains the original content, however, the movie contains slightly different content. To illustrate this, in the book, Katniss meets and befriends an “Avox”, a mutilated traitor who had her tongue removed. But in the movie, she is not revealed. Another is when Katniss recieved the ‘mockingjay’ pin from the mayor’s daughter. In the movie, she bought the pin at the hob and planned to give it to Prom as a gift before she goes, though her sister told her to keep it. What else? It is when Haymitch was drunk and falls of the stage during the reaping, this scene does not happen in the movie. Next is about Katniss and Peeta’s love story. In the book, Katniss believes that the romance between her and Peeta is just a way to get sponsors, it is not clear that Katniss thinks they are only pretending. How about “FoxFace”?  FoxFace died after thresh in the book, but in the movie, FoxFace died before Thresh. And lastly, the book was written from Katniss’ perspective, contrary to the movie which was told by the third person’s point of view.

     We cannot change the fact that adapting a book into a movie is not easy like counting one, two and three. There could be either a minor or major changes. Then some people prefer one, over the other. Books are windows to any world, and those worlds are only limited by one’s imagination. On the other hand, movie is something that can easily let us feel what the director wants us to feel by making us cry or laugh, because we clearly see and hear and even feel what is being portrayed. Books and movies are ways into unknown world, it is just up to us which are we going to choose between the two.


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